From high efficiency furnaces to full scale solar power

Many homeowners come to us after they’ve explored a single renewable energy option. They have an interest in wind, or solar or geothermal. The advantage of working with EcoEnvironment’s is the breadth of services we offer and our ability to look at your home as a whole, not just address the presumed need.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Many homeowners find investing in geothermal systems for their heating and cooling an easy and comfortable first step in utilizing renewable energy. While sustaining a constant ground temperature you have the opportunity to take advantage of this practical resource.

High Efficiency Heating & Cooling

Start saving money by implementing smart, efficient alternative energy installations to heat and cool your home. Your furnace in cold months and air conditioning unit in hotter months are the #1 drain on your home’s energy usage.

Indoor Air Quality

Protecting your family from the dangers of poor indoor air quality starts with detection. It’s not enough to survey your symptoms (or lack thereof), and check for the presence of any odors.

Energy Assessments

Learn just how efficient your home’s energy use is with an energy audit. After reviewing your existing electrical usage, we’ll share easy-to-implement, budget-friendly ideas on how to instantly minimize your monthly utility bills.

Solar Thermal Water Heating

Solar thermal is a cost-effective and efficient option for customers looking to save money on their hot water or swimming pool heating bills using the sun as a resource for energy.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power

Solar power offers an opportunity to harness energy beyond the requirements of your home consumption. Homeowners who invest in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology free themselves from the electricity grid and its unpredictable prices.