Know Your Energy Vulnerabilities

What is an energy assessment?

What we refer to as an “energy assessment” should really be referred to as a “Home Performance Analysis”. Home Performance contracting is a science and philosophy based on the premise that a house should be safe, healthy, comfortable, and efficient.

Through a series of tests performed in the home (the analysis), an accredited energy assessor can detect deficiencies in the home’s structure, mechanics, energy consumption and indoor air quality. The results of these tests not only give the homeowner insight into how they can take steps to conserve energy and increase their comfort, but also as to how they can improve their overall indoor environment. When this analysis is performed on a home under the Carrier program standards, it is defined as a Carrier360.

As the Tri-state’s first Carrier360 Energy Expert, EcoEnvironments is able to help assess, diagnose and provide solutions for many inefficiencies within your home. We feel the best service we provide our customer is a solution fix to the cause of the issue, not the symptom of the issue.

A thorough Home Performance analysis- a Carrier360 includes detection of:

  • Air leaks
  • Mechanical equipment operation
  • Insulation levels
  • Air quality
  • Home safety